Zombies and the Beauty of people

So the last few days its been busy around my house. Doing interviews which I sucked at.. I hate interviews its not me and I clam up and stutter its ridiculous. Frack! I know what I am doing and I know I am good at what I do but my brain just goes… HAHAH not today Sucker! Anyway hopefully one of the 3 interviews I do will get me a job.

Ok SO you are probably wondering about the zombies thing… I am so excited to say that I got to work with some awesome Make-Up Artist on Saturday and Sunday. I was Key for Sunday which was great cause we got to do some amazing make-ups! I know quite sure how many photos I am allowed to post so I am going to just post a few of what we did. I have to say that I really enjoyed this shoot and the creativity that this shoot brought. Its one of the funner projects I’ve worked on.

Under the cut here will be a bit of gorey photos so be warned!

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photos and shoulder pain

So I am the last two days have been nuts.. and no I swear I am not whiny all the time. I’ve been having a rough go with life and life has almost won! But I have succeed! I have left my old job which hurt cause I love my old boss.. but I needed a job close to home so that I can continue my career. That said I have 3 interview in the next two weeks and for sure at least one part-time job!

Ok enough about my boring life! Here is some of my more recent work.. both Hair and Make-up I am really proud of my work and also really happy I got to work with Dwayne again.



you can check out more of my work herehttps://www.facebook.com/littlebugmakeupanddesign?ref=ts&fref=ts

and Dwayne’s work herehttps://www.facebook.com/dgphotocanada?ref=ts&fref=ts

My little random days

ImageSo the last two days have been a bit nutty I am not going to lie. So I dug around on my phone and grab some photos that summed up everything. I’ve mostly been reading a book I haven’t read in forever the Seventh Towers, and drinking tea. I’ve also did a quick sketch for Egyptian style stuff.. I am not really happy with it but I also haven’t sketched in months. So for the first time I am ok….with it.. Image

The green swirly beautiful hair is something that has kind of been haunting my waking hours…


Which is a lot b/c I haven’t been able to sleep much…But I am thinking of taking hair school, there are a lot of different hair schools here in VanCity  but it also means another loan and committing at least 6 months of time to it. I already know a lot about hair but I always like to learn more. SO yah problem ehn.. whats new 😉

Then there is my lovely Bindi who got sick today halt it all my plans to go and be productive today! But she is feeling better and I don’t think we have take her to the vet thank goodness!Image

Ok so I know its suppose to be a make-up blog.. and this post kinda fails at that but I should have more designs and stuff  posted soon.

Inspiration and get through

We all got our sob story and we all got our fears. Lately I’ve been having a incredibly rough go around with life and my subconscious who is quiet happy to ruin my life. I battle depression, I am not scared to admit or say it out loud. Its a horrible horrible destructive thing and occasionally it takes over my mind and it cripples me. This is the second time in my short life that I’ve experienced this low, this flood of fear that literally makes me a mess. I am hoping that this blog will help me get through this bought of panic and pain.

But like i said everyone has a sob story.

At the moment I have to small projects on the go, I am trying to get my creative juices flowing on! So I’ve been doing so collecting of photos and I am hoping to actually scratch out some sketches tomorrow. ImageThis necklace is the inspiration for an Egyptian photo-shoot, I am going to be designing a make-up/hair and costume for this and I am super excited. Hoping to post some sketches tomorrow. Anyway ta ta for now!

Glitter Eyes

Glitter Eyes

Had this concept kicking around for awhile to do a glitter eyelid with blue eyeshadow. Dwayne Girvan needed a Make-Up and Hair artist to come and help with some head shots so I offered to do it in exchange for doing this concept.

I got the concept here http://pinterest.com/pin/40391727878672122/

The make-up wasn’t quiet what I wanted. I would love get a chance to finesse it a bit more and screw around with it some more. But I for now I love this photo.